Mast TypeDuplexDuplexTriplexTriplex
Mast profileC or H ModelC or H ModelC ModelC Model
Type of driveFull ElectricFull ElectricFull ElectricFull Electric
Operator typeRiderRiderRiderRider
Load centermm600600600600
Wheel basemm1308140814081408
Reach distancemm400500500500
Electric power steering(EPS)Standard EquippedStandard EquippedStandard EquippedStandard Equipped
Service weight without batterykg1626172618951895
Service weight with batterykg1836203621052130
wheel typePUPUPUPU
Size of front wheelsmm¢ 210¢ 210¢ 210¢ 210
Size of drive wheelsmm¢ 230¢ 230¢ 230¢ 230
Wheels quantitypcs01-Feb01-Feb01-Feb01-Feb
Mast lower heightmm2040229020752240
Overall length (without platform)mm2686278627862786
Overall length (with platform)mm3226332633263326
Rear body widthmm850/988850/988850/988850/988
Height of tiller arm in drive position min./max.mm1030-12001030-12001030-12001030-1200
Rear body heightmm860860860860
Mast extend heightmm3955445554605960
Lifting heightmm3000350045005000
Fork lengthmm1070107010701070
Overall fork widthmm200~680200~680200~680200~680
Fork widthmm100100100100
Fork thicknessmm35353535
Min.Turning radiusmm1491159015901590
Lowered height of forkmm7070100100
Freelift heightmm--14621696
Fork tilting degree (forward/backward)°02-May02-May02-May02-May
Aisle width (800*1200mm pallet): horizontal/vertical (without platform)mm2701275227332733
Aisle width (800*1200mm pallet): horizontal/vertical (with platform)mm3222327432553255
Aisle width (1000*1200mm pallet): horizontal/vertical (without platform)mm2745279927802780
Aisle width (1000*1200mm pallet): horizontal/vertical (with platform)mm3266332133023302
Travel speed, laden/Unladenkm/h5/5.35/5.35/5.35/5.3
Lift speed, laden/Unladenmm/s108/147108/147108/147108/147
lower speed, laden/Unladenmm/s145/80145/80145/80145/80
Gradeability, laden/Unladen%05-Jul05-Jul05-Jul05-Jul
Brake typeElectromagneticElectromagneticElectromagneticElectromagnetic
Drive motorkw1.
Lift motorkw3333
Battery voltage/capacityV/Ah24V/210Ah24V/210Ah24V/210Ah24V/210Ah
Battery weightkg210210210210
battery sizemm790*210*576790*210*576790*210*576790*210*576
control system1230-2402 (Curtis)1230-2402 (Curtis)1230-2402 (Curtis)1230-2402 (Curtis)

Product Highlights

Nido  reach stacker is suitable for various conditions use. Our reach stacker can be a good replacement for forklift. Equipped with good sight mast and ergonomic design control system, enhance the working efficiency and reduce operator’s fatigue. Streamlined appearance, compact design, brings comfort to its users. Small turning radius and advanced electronic controller system enhance the stability of the vehicles.

Electronic power steering system allows easy man oeuvre of reach stacker.

Full steel cover protects the internal parts.

Special design with cylinder with auto-buffering to piston rods while lowering forks, which better protects the load.

Steering by wire system

Gantry Mounting

Bearing Tray

Standard Features

  • CE Certified, Battery Operated Stacker
  • 210 Ah Lead-acid Side Slidable Battery
  • Separate Charger
  • Long Controller Handle
  • Wider Rider Platform, more space for standing
  • Good set-up Spring Shock Absorber
  • AC Driving Motor
  • Fork Tilting
  • Warning Lights
  • Beeper
  • Protecting Arm
  • Electronic Power Steering
  • Safety Speed Control

Optional Features

  • 270/280/340/345 Ah battery with 30/50 A charger
  • Up-right drive function
  • Remote controlled lowering & lifting
  • Moonwalk
  • Side Shift
  • Free Lift
  • Varying Speed Control
  • Overhead Guard
  • Backrest
  • Headlights
  • Foldable Platform
  • Safety Speed Control
  • Customized Fork Length up to 1500 mm

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