Mast TypeDuplexDuplexTriplexTriplexTriplex
Mast profileH modelH modelH modelH modelH model
Type of driveFull ElectricFull ElectricFull ElectricFull ElectricFull Electric
Operator typeRiderRiderRiderRiderRider
Load centermm600600600600600
Wheel basemm13801380139513951395
Electric power steering(EPS)OptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Service weight without batterykg720720117011701170
Service weight with batterykg9301150138014051435
wheel typePUPUPUPUPU
Size of front wheelsmm¢ 78¢ 78¢ 78¢ 78¢ 78
Size of rear wheelsmm¢ 124¢ 124¢ 124¢ 124¢ 124
Size of drive wheelsmm¢ 230¢ 230¢ 230¢ 230¢ 230
Wheels quantitypcs01-02-200401-02-200401-02-200401-02-200401-02-2004
Mast lower height20452295207522452445
Mast extend heightmm35404040509655956095
Overall length (with platform)mm25402540259025902590
Overall length (without platform)mm20002000205020502050
Rear body widthmm800800800/850800/850800/850
(h3 ≥5000mm(h3 ≥5000mm(h3 ≥5000mm
Rear body lengthmm585585585585585
Overall widthmm800800940940940
(h3 ≥5000mm(h3 ≥5000mm(h3 ≥5000mm
Height of tiller arm in drive position min./max.mm1030-12001030-12001030-12001030-12001030-1200
Rear body heightmm830830830830830
Fork lengthmm11501150115011501150
Overall fork widthmm540/560/580/680
Min.Turning radiusmm20902090210221022102
(with platform)
Min.Turning radius mm15651565157815781578
(without platform)
Lowered height of forkmm9090909090
Fork widthmm170170170170170

Product highlights

Floating frame structure, Cold- drown channel steel mast, Full steel cover protect from scrapes. A comfortable and high secure fork-over leg Electric Stacker with high lifting height and free lifting, equipped with AC drive system. Standard equipped with 210/280Ah lead-acid sideway battery, metal cover.

Floating frame structure with advanced mounting type, large area of thrust surface on piston rod, superior resistance to deformation, bending, abrasion, loose & falling out. Cold drown channel steel mast, detachable design, higher accuracy & better hardness.

All chains from famous Donoghue brand, tested in global market over 24 years

Three variant speed available while forks are lowering. Multiple choices for higher efficiency. Special design on cylinder, auto-buffering to piston rods while lowering for better protection of palletized loads.

Cover plate reduced in size, easier maintenance. Full steel cover protects from scrapes, safe assurance to core parts. All frame parts are laser cut.

Nido  heavy duty power stacker is a comfortable and highly secure fork-over leg electric stacker with high lifting and free lifting height. Equipped with AC drive system. Standard equipped with 210 Ah lead-acid sideway battery, metal cover. If you are looking for products to loading-unloading, or ordinary pallet stacking such medium duty working condition, Nido heavy duty power will be your choice.


  • Nido Heavy Duty Stacker is standard equipped with one piece steel cover, long life time. Some brands are using plastic cover, easy to get damaged. Some are using bad quality material.
  • Nido Heavy Duty Stacker is using H+H profile mast, which is the same design used in global top brands. This could make sure the lifting stability and long life time of mast, and hydraulic system.
  • Clear oil pipe design- Good oil pipe design makes good protection for all the pipes. Steel material for exposed pipes, rubber pipes kept in good position, to make sure safety and long life time.
  • Driving wheel Floating system – Nido Heavy Duty Stackers are standard equipped with Floating System. It could make sure the truck could pass through uneven floor easily.
  • Nido Heavy Duty Stacker has 1 pneumatic spring, 2 damping springs on each side, which could offer much more comfortable operation experience.
  • It’s easy to change the battery from one side.
  • With this design, it could offer safer & faster operation and more efficiency.
  • Metal protection on each side of the rear body to prevent any crash from damaging the balance wheels and chassis.

Standard Features

  • CE Certified, Battery Operated Stacker
  • 210 Ah Lead-acid Side Slidable Battery
  • Separate Charger
  • Long Controller Handle
  • Wider Rider Platform, more space for standing
  • Good set-up Spring Shock Absorber
  • AC Driving Motor
  • No EPS

Optional Features

  • 270/280/340/345 Ah battery
  • Up-right function
  • Remote controlled lowering & lifting
  • EPS
  • Moonwalk
  • Side Shift
  • Free Lift
  • Initial Lift
  • Varying Speed Control
  • Overhead Guard
  • Backrest
  • Warning Lights
  • Beeper
  • Headlights
  • Foldable Platform
  • Protecting Arm
  • Safety Speed Control
  • Fork Length in selected models

Watch Heavy Duty Power Stacker In Action