Model ND-3000-1150-550-85XND-3000-1220-685-85X
Pump TypeIntergratedIntergrated
Wheel (drive/load) TypeNylonNylon
Size of Steering Wheelmm¢180*50¢180*50
Size of Loading Wheel(single wheel)mm¢80*93¢80*93
Size of Loading Wheel (double wheel)mm¢80*70¢80*70
Lifting Heightmm115115
Max. Fork Lifting Heightmm200200
Lowered Height of Forkmm8585
Fork Outside Distancemm550685
Fork Lengthmm11501220
Fork Widthmm160160
Steel Thickness (after painting)mm44


Nido 3000 kg Hydraulic Pallet Truck is effective in most common type loading and unloading tasks, transporting goods from one place to another in your warehouse/distribution center. Widely used in logistics, warehouse, factory and other places.

Integral casting pump, durable body, high quality mild steel/stainless steel body, chrome plated piston rod and spar finishing makes it one of the fine products among the others and ensures a prolonged service life.


  • Steering : Easy to maneuver with 210 degrees turning radius. All pivots points are greased ensures excellent maneuverability with effortless steering.

  • Spray finishing: Standard painting system ensures the best powder coating and painting quality.

  • Controlled speed: Speed lowering valve can adjust the decent speed freely.

  • Reliable construction: Heavy gauge steel construction. Drop forged lift link arms provide available strength and durability.

  • Easy lowering operation: Foot and hand control the lowering function to ensure easy operation.

  • Overload protection: Excellent and compact pump design with high pressure relief valve to prevent overload.

Overall casting oil pump to avoid overloading

Holistic molding of forks and triangulation

Nylon Guided Wheels

Enclosed forks root by welding

Solid frame and reinforced fork

Standard nylon wheel, optional PU & CI wheel

Ergonomic large rubber handle for comfortable hold & easy operation

Shorter & stronger end cap connected with the lifting cylinder

Easy & comfortable operation

Customization Options

Single Fork Hydraulic Pallet Truck

Customized Fork Length Hydraulic Pallet Truck

Reel Type Hydraulic Pallet Truck

Watch 3000 kgs Hydraulic Pallet Truck In Action