Sweeping pathmm> 130019001900
Cleaning efficiency (approx)m²/h6700-700011000 - 1200012000 - 13000
Max climbing capacity%202525
Main brush lengthmm700800800
Side Brush Diameter mm 500500500
Power supplyV484848
Charging time(Single Phase 230V/16Amp
Battery backup hrs4-56-77-8
Power ConsuptionV/Ah48V*100Ah48V*150Ah48V*200Ah
Waste hopper capacityL130180180
Water Tank (PVC Body)ltr30100
Driving powerW120030003000
Working Power
Main Brush + Fan + Side Brush + Dust
Working speedKm/h675 - 7
Driving speedKm/h89.89.8
Filter aream2558
Turning radiusmm1000(spot turn)1200 (Spot Turn)1200 (Spot Turn)
Dimension (L/W/H)m1.6*1.3*1.42150*1900*20402150*1900*2040
Net weightKg460800900
ChassisOne Press FormingOne Press FormingOne Press Forming
Cleaning efficiency factors: Floor type and ground flatness, dust type, operator training and proficiency of operator, machine maintenance, brush touch ground adjustment, dust vibration cleaning, brush cleaning, filter cleaning always help to get more output.
Optional Water Tank Capacityltr20


NIDO ride on sweeper is suitable for cleaning large warehouses, parking lots etc. When conducting cleaning and sweeping, it can automatically adjust the lifting of brush handle. Two side brushes can collect the waste to the middle position and main brush will collect it to the waste hopper. The brushes can be controlled up and down manually as well. Enlarged filter that can clean up dust perfectly.


ND – ICE – SR – C200

Suitable for mining areas, enterprises, large warehouses, squares and other smooth ground. The brushes can be controlled up and down manually, more durable for operating. LED headlight is designed for working at night. Enlarged filter that can clean up the dust perfectly and also the filter can be cleaned by electric vibrator automatically.

  • CE certified, battery operated ride on sweeper
  • Double brush with sweeping width of 1250 mm
  • High capacity and maintenance free batteries, no leakage, no harmful gases
  • Convenient hopper system for manual emptying
  • LED headlights, warning lights, Large dust filter screen
  • Filter vibration system to maintain cleanliness of filters
  • Low failure rate for best import quality and reliability and economic operation
  • Easy access for maintenance and adjustment work
  • Steel chassis offers strong bearing capacity
  • Durable tyres equipped with brake apparatus
  • Easy to disassemble mechanical parts, easy to replace main, side brushes and filters

ND – ICE – SR – E 800 W

It has the multi-functions of vacuum, sweep and water spray. High power, strong climbing capacity and the anti-slip function make it one of the unique sweeping beasts. Suitable for outdoor usages like parks, sanitation, cleaning companies, property managements, squares and so on.

– Increase the chassis design, flat filter, built-in powerful dust control systems, more powerful vacuum cleaner, sweeping width of up to 1850mm.
– The use of advanced high-performance maintenance-free batteries, no leaking, can’t produce harmful gases.
– As the international advanced technology of thrown & clean, the dust box can achieve to 100% utilization.
– Reliable high-quality components reduce maintenance and repair costs.
– Solid tire, airport-specific, and durable.
– High-quality electronic control system, over current, under voltage protection, more secure.

ND – ICE – SR – E800FB

NIDO ride on sweeper has the multi-functions of vacuum, sweep and water spray. High power, strong climbing capacity and anti-slip function. It is suitable for outdoor usage as parks, sanitation areas, property management, roads and so on. Adopts comfortable enclosed cabin, suitable for cold and harsh environment

  • CE certified, battery operated sweeper
  • Removable double door
  • Three levels of filtering system
  • Advanced extra-large filtration system offers large filtration area, and stronger vacuuming
  • 100 ltr water tank capacity, largest of its kind
  • Enclosed cabin provides safety from any external interference
  • Safe and comfortable operating for operator
  • Features 48V, maintenance free battery, longer continuous use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reliable power supply as key connectors are retardant and waterproof
  • Main brush motor features rare earth motor with long life, stable performance
  • High speed adjustment precision, smooth running
  • Highly manoeuvrable, shot wheelbase chassis and compact design
  • Optional PFC charger

Watch Battery Ride-on Sweeper In Action