Brush Diametermm510
Squeegee Suction Widthmm830
Solution Tankltr70
Recovery tankltr75
Cleaning Efficiency (Theoretical)m2/hr3000
Rated VoltageVDC24V
Battery Back Uphrs3
Charging Time (single phase 230V/16Amp MCB)hrs5-7
Power ConsumptionW1550
Dirty Water Level SensorYes
Solution Level Checking HoseYes
Brush Driving ModeReal Wheel Differential Drive
On-Board ChargerOptional
Brush Rotation Speedrpm175
Brush Loadkg20
Brush MotorW550
Suction MotorW500
Walking MotorW550
Working Speedkm/h1-6
Dimension (L*W*H)mm1410*750*1200
Net Weightkg260
Cleaning Efficiency Factors: Floor type, ground level, operator training and proficiency of operator, if floor very dirty need to be in the same spot longer and if found dust on floor then need to clean dust first before use scrubber drier. Theoretical value doesn't consider break for refilling fresh water and dumping dirty water and clean tank, clean hose, brush, squeeze, filter also mandatory.

Standard Features – ND-ICE-SDR-D7

NIDO mini ride on scrubber drier is called as Hard Floor Automatic Floor Mopping Machine suitable for cleaning epoxy floor, cement floor, marble floor, polished brick floor, concrete floor, terrazzo floor etc. for places with an area of about 2000 square meters, compact ride on floor scrubber, such as D7 should be consider. One D7 can have the working efficiency of two walk behind floor and can replace the working efficiency of 10-15 people.

  • CE Certified
  • Battery operated mini ride on scrubber drier
  • Battery backup 3 hours
  • On board intelligent charger 24V/15A
  • Durable brush head and water tank
  • Automatic brush lifting system
  • Pedal type speed control+electronic brake and stable
  • Key-type switch: convenient for operation and maintenance
  • Adjustable brush pad assisted system, easy and convenient
  • Having four-stand structure, ascending and descending brush and squeegee system can
    keep stable and reliable
  • Humanized design, driving comfort and high cleaning efficiency
  • Deep cycle maintenance free battery
  • Professional rubber blade, better water absorption, wear resistant
  • Low noise design, to minimize the impact of cleaning work on surroundings

Watch Ride On Scrubber Drier – D7 In Action